The Best Cheap Finder Scopes You Can Buy By User Rating

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Finder Scopes

Finder Scopes
  1. Solomark Finderscope Finder Scope 5x24 with Bracket for Astronomy Telescope(White)

  2. 6x30 Right Angle Finder Scope For Telescopes With Universal Mount

  3. Telescope 70EQ Refractor Telescope Scope - 70mm Aperture and 700mm Focal Length, Multi-Layer Green Film, with Digiscoping Adapter for Photography

  4. AstroStreet 60mm Multi-Use Deluxe Finder & Guidescope Set with 1.25" Double Helical Focuser

  5. Compass & Angle Finder

  6. 2.5x 3" LCD View Finder 4:3 Fits Canon 5d Ii, 7d, Nikon Digital SLR Lcdvf Z-finder

  7. William Optics 50mm Right Angle Correct Image Finder # M-F50