Best Evaporator Accessories 2018

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Evaporator Accessories

Evaporator Accessories
  1. RE3000A 0.5-3L Rotary Evaporator Vertical Condenser (20-200rpm 1L?2L collecting flask)

  2. BÜCHI 010179 Vacuμm Seals for Rotavapor Evaporators, KD 26 Stationary, R114/124 only

  3. IKA WORKS INC. 3743600 RV 10.204 Receiving Flask, Coated (KS 35/20, 2.000 ml)

  4. Kimble Concentrator Tubes for Evaporative Concentrators without Hooks, 24/25 Joints, 10ml Capacity

  5. Wilmad LG-7245-300 Borosilicate Glass Evaporating Flask, 50 mL Capacity, 29/32 Standard Taper Joint

  6. Buchi 022562 10 Fuse for Evaporator, 8.0 AT 5-20

  7. Chemglass CG-1318-42 6 Piece 29/42 Evaporator Vial Adapter Kit